We are a Not-for-Profit organization, in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), that was created to help improve the water quality of Bellport Bay by educating the public on pollution problems and strategies to improve the quality of the water in the bay.  Our strategies include the continuing communication of the importance of the breach at Old Inlet, the planting of shellfish, including oysters and scallops, to filter the water of Bellport Bay and the education of neighbors and residents to alternatives for high nitrogen lawn fertilizers, such as organic materials.

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The mission of Friends of Bellport Bay (FoBB) is to improve the water quality of Bellport Bay through educating, organizing, lobbying, collaborating and fundraising in order to succeed at the following:

1. Support “Bellport Inlet” by opposing the manual closing of the inlet should a decision to close it occur.  The Breach at Old Inlet (Bellport Inlet) is undergoing a study by the Dept. of the Interior. The study will eventually lead to a course of action regarding the inlet. It is our position to support the option that will allow the inlet to exist naturally and not to have it closed manually by the Army Corp.  Note: Our position regarding the inlet can change should the science and facts conclude that the inlet is causing adverse effects to the mainland shore line. At this point all evidence suggests that there are no adverse effects.

2.  Collaborate with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (CCE), Brookhaven Town and Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) to grow and plant shellfish within sustainable locations around Bellport Bay to help filter and improve water quality, create habitat and protect shorelines. The shellfish plantings will be monitored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (CCE) Marine program. As of September 2017, we have placed approximately 525,000 shellfish onto the Bellport Bay bottom.

3. Decreasing direct pollutants runoff into Bellport Bay. Through a collaborative effort with Brookhaven Town and Bellport Bay communities, it is our goal to assist with their recommendations and mandates to minimize direct storm-water runoff into Bellport Bay.

4. Educating and updating the public on pollution mitigation strategies and results and to publish information so that the public can learn how to help mitigate nitrate and pollutants that find its way into Bellport Bay; contribute to community newsletters and newspapers. Provide the public with updates on FoBB's initiatives. In summary: Through our stated four prong approaches, we believe we can turn the tide and improve the quality of Bellport Bay for generations to come.

Friends of Bellport Bay, Inc.

P.O. Box 323

Bellport, NY  11713


Officers: Thomas Schultz - President;  Katia Read - Vice President;  Tara Kavanagh - Secretary

Directors: Thomas Schultz, Katia Read, Steve Borghardt